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November 6th, 2012: The Hearing of the Eighth Defendant, Miklós Regőczi

November 6th, 2012: The Hearing of the Eighth Defendant, Miklós Regőczi

The prosecution has attempted to create the evidence which supported their prematurely determined accusations against Miklós Hagyó – at least that is what the testimony from the former deputy CEO of communication and sales at the Budapest Public Transportation Company (BKV) Miklós Regőczi claimed in his testimony to the Kecskemét Tribunal.  He presented documents that, according to him, provided evidence to support his theory. 
The documents in question seemed to explain that there is currently confusion about the legality of the contracts between BKV and other companies like Synergon and CCSoft.  The confusion is rooted in the transition of governments and the variance in regulations that comes with administration change.  In other words, the structure and value of the contracts, for example between CCSoft and BKV, may not have been legal under more regulatory regimes, but now they are. 
Regőczi went on to further slam the credibility of the BKV case by saying that it has been “political payoff” and a “show trial.”  The former deputy CEO stated that from 2007 to 2008 the upper management of BKV “saved 9 billion (forints)” which has been noted in the formal indictment.  He then continued, “Before (us), it disappeared into the politicians’ pockets, so in this way we affronted many interests by working more transparently.”
Regőczi stood by the other defendants and his former colleagues while particularly supporting Miklós Hagyó, who  never ordered or forced any employees to sign conspicuous contracts, claimed the defendant. 
Regarding the contracts, the former deputy CEO of communication discussed in detail the controversy behind the BKV’s marketing expenses and campaign between 2007 and 2008.  Regőczi stated that he didn’t understand the accusations and problems since other publicly owned companies such as MÁV Ltd., Hungary’s national railway system, had in the recent past signed marketing contracts worth 855 million forints.
Towards the end of the testimony, Regőczi provided a somewhat awkward account of an exchange which he had with police officers.  According to the defendant, he was told by unspecified officers that the progression of the BKV investigation and trial has been “unprofessional.”  Regőczi alluded to his previous theory that the culprits were determined first, then the appropriate evidence was presented, and the investigators have withheld evidence which has not been “good within the picture.” Furthermore, the former BKV leader considered it strange that the indictment included 25 companies which had suspect relations with the public transport company, yet only three of the companies have representatives involved in the trial.
Regőczi concluded his testimony by saying that the interrogators had continuously faxed his statements to the prosecution during the interrogation, which also strangely occurred during the interrogation of the third defendant, Atilla Antal.

Source: http://thehagyocase.wordpress.com/2012/12/21/november-6th-2012-the-hearing-of-the-eighth-defendant-miklos-regoczi/

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