2013. április 7., vasárnap

A Difficult Path

The hearing on March 19th, 2013 of the trial of the 15 associates of the Budapest Transit Company (BKV) bore no significant fruit for the defendants.

The most entertaining event in the hearing was the discovery of a connection between a defendant and a witness. The relationship was detected on a social media site. However, the importance was thereafter deemed “pointless” because the concerned parties admitted the existence of a professional relationship.

The defendant, Ottó Lelovics, stated that he and the witness belonged to the same professional community, and the work relationship was established prior to relevant events at BKV. Moreover, Lelovics asserted that a social media “friendship” indicates nothing. To prove his point, the defendant attempted to establish a connection with the prosecutor on the same social media site during a break in the hearing. Prosecutor Katalin Kutron did not accept the invitation.

Another defendant, Miklós Regőczi, reminded the court that the prosecution clearly stated in the indictment certain marketing contracts between BKV and other companies were “unfulfilled.” When these contracts were proven fulfilled, the prosecution altered the wording of the accusations to claim the relevant contracts were “unnecessary.”

Regőczi continued his assault: “If we have a hat on our heads, that’s the problem. If we don’t, then that’s the problem.”

These assertions from the defendant came after the prosecution changed the wording of the accusations in the indictment. The defendants claim the wording was significant because it transforms the nature of the accusations to suit the prosecution. This is not the first instance of indictment modification.

While the prosecution continues the indictment modifications which seemingly suit their case, and the judge permits such actions, the remainder of the trial will be a thorny endeavour for the defendants.

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