2016. március 21., hétfő

MSZP: The Fidesz feeds the media with show trials - nepszava.hu

According to the MSZP the Fidesz is trying to increase their support by initiating show proceedings and they can find people at the Prosecutor’s Office who are happily willing to provide assistance to the Fidesz with their methods associated with the “darkest dictatorships”.

Gergely Bárándy, vice-president of the socialist legislative board of the Parliament stated: during the criminal procedure brought against Miklós Hagyó, former socialist Deputy Lord Mayor, and his co-defendants, it turned out that the charges were groundless lies. There was no Nokia-box, there were neither bribes nor corruption. Those who have provided assistance with the show trial were rewarded: for example the prosecutor bringing charges against Miklós Hagyó became István Tarlós’s, Lord Mayor’s chief advisor.

According to the socialist politician it was not a coincident that most of the charges - later being proved to be unfounded - were made during the campaign period. Among such cases he listed the case of Gyula Molnar, Mayor of district XI, György Szilvássy former Secret Secretary and Béla Schwartz former Mayor of Ajka – all of them were acquitted.

Gergely Bárándy admitted that the Zuschlag-case was well founded – but people involved in it or any other similar cases were got rid of by the MSZP.

Hagyó, ex socialist Deputy Lord Mayor, was sentenced to tow-year imprisonment suspended for four years for abuse of authority and breach of fiduciary duty as inciter by the Court of Kecskemét at first instance on Tuesday. However, he was acquitted on the charge of bribery.


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