2016. március 21., hétfő

The Fidesz is excited, the party is attacking the judges - hvg.hu

It got a rise out of the Fidesz that there is no culprit in the red mud disaster and only suspended sentence was passed on Miklós Hagyó. According to the Fidesz the judicial independence is nothing more than liberalism.

Szilárd Németh, Fidesz-related member of the parliament announced that the party initiates discussion in the legal committee of the Parliament on the jurisdiction in relation to the decisions made by the responsible court in the Hagyó-case and in the case of the red mud disaster.

The politician of the governing party said: people are rightfully indignant about the acquittal in the case of the red mud disaster resulted in ten casualties, likewise about the suspended sentence imposed on Miklós Hagyó, former Deputy Lord Mayor of the MSZP, the “mafia boss” ruling the capital before 2010. (The red mud-case resulted in the acquittal of the 15 accused at first instance, although the prosecution objected to the decision the court reasoned that the prosecution brought charges against the wrong people.)

The Fidesz expressed its respect towards the “liberal requirement for judicial independence”, however the party finds it also important to meet thedemocratic requirements for transparency and accountability – explained Szilárd Németh. He added if it is necessary they invite the leaders of jurisdiction to join in the discussion conducted in the parliamentary committee and he also mentioned the possibility of making statutory amendment.


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