2012. december 4., kedd

They didn’t inform me about serious elements

However the news agency (MTI is the Hungarian news agency) reported in detail about the happenings on the BKV case, most of their reports were typical, that they placed the tone onto the old testimonies, and for that they already renounced these statements, most of the time they just mistily alluded to.

The MTI (News Agency of Hungary) for example didn’t report that according to the testimony of Mesterházy Ernő, the former main advisor of Demszky Gábor the investigation authorities humiliated him, and they convinced him to take an incriminatory testimony against Hagyó Miklós, and if he does they will let him go from the pre-trial detention.

They didn’t even mention that his questioning was for 11 hours, but the documents were only 2 pages long. The news agency thought that it’s more important to report about Mesterházy’s speech defect and blood-pressure.
With the hearing of Antal Attila, the former CEO of BKV the MTI (News Agency of Hungary) didn’t mention when the defendant was talking about how he was threated at the questioning: if he doesn’t say incriminatory testimony, „they will incriminate him with other contracts in every week”, and the investigators „checked his testimony with the counsel in every paragraph”. After this testimony the MTI started to report less and less substantive information. With (in the aspect of the case) one of the biggest news, that Balogh Zsolt, the former leader of the company renounced his testimony, they reported like this: Balogh „didn’t traverse, but he didn’t confirm his investigation testimony”, just as they didn’t mention it either that he said his earlier testimony under pressure.
Equally misty information got out about the hearing of Lelovics Ottó, former press person of Hagyó Miklós. In the news they didn’t write that although Lelovics collaborated in everything, the policemen still told him „he’ll be in the questioning for a long time”. The information about the hearing of Regőczi Miklós, the former deputy CEO of BKV was also scanty.
Regőczi told, that the documents which are „not right for the picture” the authorities kept them back, and in his case they also faxed his testimony in parts to the counsel, and they also asked him for a testimony on Gyurcsány Ferenc, but the MTI didn’t report about this either, moreover they didn’t report with him either that he renounced his earlier testimony.
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