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Nokia Box Balogh Zsolt leads a transport company again

Balogh Zsolt, who was charged as the chief executive officer of the Public Tranport Company, who is the star witness of the Hagyó case, who guessed the famous Nokia box story, now he is conducting a transport company at Pécs again, where the Fidesz is the leader. He does not have too much to do, he has to lead a company, which took part 3 years ago in bus privatisation, and then has fallen.

On the 18th of November 2011 new leader arrived to the PK Busrent, this company privatized the bus traffic/transport in suspicious circumstances at Pécs: according to the copy of the register the new leader is Balogh Zsolt, who was the chief executive officer of the Public Tranport Company, who is the star witness of the Hagyó case, who is accused with misappropriation. His charge is till May, and then the company becomes bankrupt. 

The PK Busrent had two great years after then it did wonderful business with Pécs Transport Incorp. in January 2009, it purchased 150 pieces bus fleet from the local government owned company for 2,2 billion euro and then it rent it to the Pécs Transport Incorp. dor 2,1 billion Hungarian forint, so it gained 2 billion forint as a availability fee. in 2009 and 2010 the PK Busrent brought to book one billion incomings.

After contracting the political changing was happened, the leader of the city was the Fidesz, Páva Zsolt after he took up his duties as a major he prosecuted in this case, and investigation started in the end of 2010, then the Baranya County Prosecutor brought a charge against the executive of the Pécs Transport incorp. because of misappropriation. From this moment the PK Busrent started to decline. National Tax Authority in February 2011 gave the company a checkmate with 774 million forint tax penalties, and in March 2011 the local government of Pécs took back control in practice.

The dominant owner of the PK Busrent disappeared after the effects of the events in the end of the2011 , on the 10th of November tax implementation was arrived against the company by the court, and after a week Balogh Zsolt came out from the nothing. The bigest decision of the new conducting was to repeal the petition against the prosecutor’s opinion in the suit of the vacating of the 2009 contract, and the contract expectedly become in valid in February.

The question is that with misappropriation accused Balogh Zsolt how could get in Pécs, we can get answer, if we check that who represented the ex executive of the Public Transport Company in the Hagyó suit. The investigative documents include that power of attorney in which Balogh Zsolt authorized Dr. Szabó Iván’s Law Firm acts as legal representative on behalf of him, the homepage of his office : www.drszaboivan.hu

If we visit this homepage, we can immediately realize that the office leader dr. Szabó Iván act as a legal representative on behalf of the pécs local government, and he played an active role in that case when the local government tried to take back the Pécs Water work from the french Suez Environmental. And Szabó Iván declared about the taking back of the bus buspark on behalf of pécs local government.

The Pécs Public Transport Corporation was established by the Pécs Local Government and the Pannon Volan Corporation with 472 million forint capitol stock on the 1st of April 1993 ( 56%-43% stock rate). in 2002 the Pécs local government became its executive owner and its name has changed to Pécs Transport Corporation in 2003. in March of 2008 the Pécs Transport Corporation new owner is the Pécs Városüzemeltetési és Vagyonkezelő Corp. In November of 2008 the Mecsek Bus Ltd. - executed HUF 1 billion share capital increasing – gained the minority ownership and management rights. The Pécs Városüzemeltetési és Vagyonkezelő Corp. owned the 51% stock of the company the Mecsek bus Ltd wned the 49% stock of the company. On the 20th of January 2009 the Pécs Transport Corporation sold his 150 pieces vehicle park for 2,2 billion forint + VAT for the PK Busrent Ltd (owned by the Pécs Transport Corporation and LL Bus Ltd.) At the same time the Pécs Transport Corporationsigned a contract about 148 bus renting for 10 years for 2,1 billion forint. The LL Bus Ltd is owned by Hungarian individula called Lukács Laszlo, and an offshore company registered in Malta, Limatec.

Source: http://index.hu/belfold/2012/02/10/ujra_kozlekedesi_ceget_vezet_a_nokias-dobozos_balogh_zsolt/

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