2016. január 21., csütörtök

Here is the list: policemen, prosecutors and judges proving their loyalty to Orban earn millions

A couple of days ago it was revealed that Zsolt Nagy, ex-investigator responsible for the Hagyó-case, earns a million per month at the BKV. However, he is not the only one who has been assigned a position of a competitive salary in return for their services and loyalty. Although, since then it has become obvious that - putting it slightly - they committed a bunch of “professional mistakes”.

The prosecution has failed to prove the charges against Hagyó and his co-defendants. Before the court the defendants and the witnesses talked about their earlier statements as given under coercion. Zsolt Balogh withdrew his story about the Nokia-boxes two and a half year ago. What is more, in March 2015 he publicly apologised to the ones who he had incriminated with his false statements. Finally, the prosecution also admitted that his story about the corrupt money cannot be proved with evidence. This, however, has not meant a hindrance to reward all the policemen, lawyers, prosecutors and judges acting according to the political interest.

The ex-investigator having been responsible for the Hagyó-case currently earns a million forints a month at the BKV.

A new name can be put on the list of the winners of the BKV-case: it has turned out that the then investigator responsible for the Hagyó-case earns millions as the deputy project director of the DBR Projekt Metró Board.

It has been reported several times that policemen, lawyers, prosecutors and judges acting according to the political interest have been all rewarded for their readiness – despite the fact that it was proved in many of the cases that they had made “professional mistakes”.

2016. január 8., péntek

If it is up to the prosecutor, Hagyó will be never released

According to the prosecution authority in case of eight accused the charge of continuous breach of fiduciary duty through organized crime is factual therefore the prosecutor requested for their heavy prison sentence and the exclusion of their release on parole in his prosecutor speech.

In case of Miklós Hagyó, Attila Antal, Zsolt Balogh and Miklós Regőczi the fact that the sentence for engagement in organized crime was raised from 20 to 25 years has not only theoretical significance – said Prosecutor János Homonnai representing the Prosecution - when at the end of his prosecutor speech he itemized the charges against each accused and the sentences he is requesting for them after closing the prosecution’s case-in-chief at first instance. According to his opinion in case of Miklós Hagyó, Ernő Mesterházy, Attila Antal, Zsolt Balogh, Miklós R., Ottó L., Éva M.-H. and Miklós H dr. the charge of engagement in organized crime – threatening the accused with double sentence – and the act of causing continuous and extraordinary material loss are well-based.

Most of the accused are charged with aggravated breach of fiduciary duty – some of them are charged as offenders, some of them are charged as instigators and others as abettors. Besides, Miklós Hagyó is charged with two counts of abuse of authority and two counts of bribery committed as an executive official. Besides breach of fiduciary duty, Attila Antal, Zsolt Balogh and Miklós R. are charged with more counts of falsification of private documents, as well. The rest of the accused are also charged with breach of fiduciary duty and falsification of private documents without the fact of engagement in organized crime.

2016. január 7., csütörtök

The Magical Nokia-box - part 17

Who are the main protagonists taking advantage of the case?

György Pető leading the investigation got the lead of both FKF and FBI. Ottó Halász conducting Hagyó’s interrogation became the deputy director of the security board of FKF. Gábor Tóth currently is the supervisor of a public security working group at the Municipality of Budapest, where he can work together with more of his ex colleagues and other police higher-ups. Iván Szabó was awarded with the Order of Merit of the Republic of Hungary, Officer’s Cross, while Imre Keresztes was awarded with the Order of Merit of the Republic of Hungary, Commander’s Cross. Prosecutor, György Győri became the chief-deputy prosecutor of the Prosecutor’s Office in district XI and XII. Mária Szívós thrives as constitutional court judge.

So the ones who performed major roles in blackening the BKV-case were rewarded?

Exactly. Police officers, lawyers, prosecutors and judges acting according to the related political interests were awarded, despite the fact that they had committed – gently saying -“professional mistakes”.