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The Handó record is secret for 10 years

The voice record which was made on the closed doors hearing of the president of the National Judicial Office is not public for 10 years. The Constitutional Court only published the epitome of the record on their website. From this not a lot is coming out: according to the epitome of the record Handó mostly was talking about the overloaded situation of the courts. 

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As we already reported, Handó Tünde, the president of the NJO – wife of Szájer József, who is a Fidesz party representative in the European Parliament – had to account for her power about the case transferences in front of the board. According to the order of the Constitutional Court’s standing orders the voice record is a „secret” for 10 years. The order says: about the hearings they made voice records, which will be provision by the Secretary for 10 years, „the voice record is not public until the time of the provision”. Our paper is trying to get the record from the board in the form of public interest data application. 

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Decision from the European Court of Human Rights in 2013

(Application no. 52624/10)


23 April 2013

This judgment will become final in the circumstances set out in Article 44 § 2 of the Convention. It may be subject to editorial revision.

Application to the European Court of Human Rights from Miklós Hagyó in 2010

The applicant, Mr Miklós Hagyó, is a Hungarian national who was born in 1967 and lives in Budapest. He is represented before the Court by Mr A. Kádár, a lawyer practising in Budapest.

A Witch Hunt: Éva Horváth’s Testimony in the Light of Hagyó vs Hungary

In January of this year, followers of the trial of Miklós Hagyó and 14 associates of the Budapest Transit Company (BKV) heard the testimony from defendant #6 Éva Horváth. Her testimony is not remarkable at this moment because she withdrew previous investigation testimonies. Nearly all of the defendants have in fact withdrawn their investigation testimonies citing that their accusations where made out of fear of harsher treatment from the investigators. 

No, Horváth’s testimony is that much more interesting today because of two things: her described experience in pretrial detention in a Hungarian jail and the recent ruling from the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) about Hagyó’s pretrial detention circumstances.

Found: Another Budapest Promotional Video From Miklós Hagyó

In this short, slightly humorous clip another view of Miklós Hagyó is available, along with some fuzzy shots of the beautiful city of Budapest.

A Video Clip from RTL: Hagyó and the Trip on El Camino

In 2010, around the time the Hagyó story was all over the Hungarian news, RTL broadcasted this story on the former Budapest deputy mayor.

In the Wake of Strasbourg’s Decision, Hungary Awaits an Announcement from the Handó Hearing

Navigating the Hungarian judicial system seems a bit like finding a foothold. Last Tuesday the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) announced that the prosecutors and courts responsible for the pretrial incarceration of Miklós Hagyó had violated several of his basic rights established and protected by the European Convention on Human Rights.

This was excellent news for the entrenched former Deputy Mayor of Budapest and socialist Member of Parliament.

The European Court of Human Rights Declares Hungary Guilty!

Hagyó Wins in Strasbourg! Just this morning the Second Section of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) in Strasbourg, France delivered its decision on the case Hagyó vs Hungary. The court announced that it found the Hungarian judiciary guilty and thus in violation of all alleged charges. The official decision is here.

Hagyó, former Deputy Mayor of Budapest and Member of Parliament, lodged a complaint with the ECHR on September 6, 2010 regarding the circumstances of his pretrial detention.

European Court of Human Rights Ready to Announce Verdict about the Hagyó Case

According to Népszava, a Hungarian daily, the European Court of Human Rights announced that it will make a verdict on Tuesday, April 23 regarding the trial of former Budapest Deputy Mayor Miklós Hagyó.

Hagyó and his lawyer turned to the court in Strasbourg in 2010. Citing that investigators denied his basic rights established in the European Convention on Human Rights, the former MSZP leader claimed that Hungarian investigators specifically violated Article 3, Article 5, and Article 8. The petition is viewable on HagyoMiklos.com

HagyoMiklos.com Offers Documentary Facts

Miklós Hagyó’s digital presence has been expanding, which is great news considering it has come in the form of a few blogs and a website offering case-related documents.

 The website, hagyomiklos.com, has published information concerning much of his legal plight such as trial testimonies from Hagyó and other defendants.

While the Judiciary is Gagged, the Public is Blind

Even while under major scrutiny from the European Parliament and the U.S. Helsinki Commission for shady backroom politics, Hungary still persists on operating behind closed doors.

Just last week I wrote that the Constitutional Court had summoned President of the National Judicial Office (PNJO) Tünde Handó to provide a testimony in connection with her decisions to transfer certain trials from one tribunal to another. This is considered an alarming capability since courts usually represent a specific place on the political spectrum. 

The European Union Fights Back

Regarding a controversial piece of legislation passed by the Fidesz supermajority which hastily forced into early retirement 750 judges, in a time when retirement ages are increasing internationally due to economic forces, the European Commission and the European Parliament has decided to pursue a more proactive approach in dealing with Prime Minister Orbán and his Fidesz cronies.

 Prime Minister Orbán on the Defense

Source: http://www.bbj.hu/politics/ec-ready-to-check-hungarys-compliance-with-ruling-of-the-european-court-of-justice_65350

The Constitutional Court Levels the Playing Field: Tünde Handó Ordered to Testify on Hagyó Case

According to a recent article in Népszava, a Hungarian daily newspaper, the Hungarian Constitutional Court has ordered President of the National Judicial Office Tünde Handó to appear before the court on April 23rd. 

The Court is demanding a testimony from Handó about the questionable transfer of the Hagyó Case from the Budapest court system to the Kecskemét Tribunal.

Hagyó won a battle

In Strasbourg they adjudicated in the case of Hagyó Miklós, who is the main defendant in the BKV case. The European Court of Human Right adjudicated a few million forints compensation for the former deputy lord mayor, as they said: the authorities who restrained him violated the prohibition of the inhuman treatment and for the personal freedom, together with right of the legal redress/remedy. During this Handó Tünde, the president of the National Judicial Office strove/tried to explain the transference of the Hagyó case in front of the Constitutional Court.

The Hungarian authorities did multiple violation of law at the detention of Hagyó Miklós – said yesterday the European Court of Human Rights, therefore they obligated the Hungarian government to pay out 12.500 euro relief – this is 3,75 million forints – and 6000 euro law cost – further 1,8 million forints. The former deputy lord mayor who is the I defendant of the BKV case which is in the Kecskemét Tribunal turned to Strasbourg in 2010, because according to him they put him into pretrial detention unduly, and extended his duress provision several times. 

Hagyó case: verdict on Tuesday in Strasbourg

They will announcement on next Tuesday in Strasbourg in the case of the main defendant of the BKV, Hagyó Miklós. The former deputy lord mayor turned to the European Court of Human Rights in 2010, according to him the Hungarian investigation who restrained him made a violation of law. For example they hurt a lot of item of the European Convention of Human Rights, so the support for the rights of freedom and security, the prohibition of the inhuman treatment, and the right of the family life. 

According to Hagyó they put him into pretrial detention unduly and extended it more times despite his deteriorative health shape. According to his statement „he had no intention to escape to abroad” and he cooperated with the authorities from the beginning. Hagyó also detriment that with the allude to the danger of collusion after a while they prohibited to his partner to visit him over the visiting hours. Hagyó was in pretrial detention for almost 10 months, after this they put him into house arrest. 

BKV case: Hagyó didn’t wriggled necks

The transportation company’s technological deputy CEO on his hearing as a witness, farther refiner his incriminatory statements against Hagyó Miklós, former deputy lord mayor, who is the main defendant of the BKV case.

On the Kecskemét Tribunal Takács Péter’s testimony as a witness what he started on Tuesday and continued on Thursday, it still mostly reflected his subjective opinion.

For example it turned out that he didn’t mean that „Hagyó Miklós wriggled Balog Zsolt’s (former CEO of the BKV) neck” as word for word, he meant it indirectly. 

BKV case: the prosecution who built upon to a gossip

BKV case: the prosecution who built upon to a gossip
After the two weeks break the BKV case came back with bloopers to the Kecskemét Tribunal. The witness of the prosecution said on Tuesday that he made his incriminatory testimony based on gossips and his own theory. „They gossiped that Balogh Zsolt fear from Hagyó Miklós” – penned/said as a witness the present deputy CEO of the BKV, Takács Péter, alluded to the relationship between the former CEO of the transportation company and the former deputy lord mayor from MSZP.
With his hearing the prosecution tried to prove that Hagyó could bring pressure on the leaders of the BKV and that around their communicational contracts they had bawdy-house at the BKV. Anyway Takács tenderized all his earlier, incriminatory statements, he couldn’t name documentation proof, and according to his saying, he threw out to the suspicious contract to the garbage.

(Photo source: www.mercus.hu)

Before the hearing of the witness, Homonnai János prosecutor observed about the testimony of Csapó Gábor Olympic champion that „on his own experience” and according to the inspector of the allegiance of the rights, the BKV default with the expectations with the handicapped people. With this comment putatively he wanted to save the awkward moment where he was put into on the hearing of the water polo player who popularized the BKV. The prosecutor earlier – consonant with the indictment – said that the contracts with the Csapó Bt. was unneeded, when he financed the sport training of the sporting handicapped children from the incomings/proceeds of that contract.

Earlier the prosecutor asked from the Olympic champion who was heard as a witness, that upon what ground can he uses the swimming pools what gave home for his school. Csapó at that time told to the prosecutor with a general serenity that a lot of people know him.
For that matter the hearing of Takács Péter started hard, because the prosecution had to do change on the indictment what they continuously changed already. At this time the prosecutors rewrote the charges with the amount of a few contracts.

For the calling of a lawyer Homonnai had to answer for the question that where did the records of the questionings of Horváth Éva disappear where they pell-mell the dates. Now the prosecution alluded to „unintended clerical error” and „clamps and mixing of the documents” which similar to an earlier case connected to Hagyó with the forgery accusation. Horváth Éva wasn’t satisfied with the answer and similarly to the lawyer of Hagyó she indicated that the dates are still not good on the documents.


BKV-per: pletykára alapozó ügyészség

Bakiparádéval tért vissza két hetes szünet után a BKV-per a Kecskeméti Törvényszékre. A vád tanúja keddi meghallgatásán elmondta, hogy pletykákra és saját teóriájára alapozta terhelő vallomásait. "Azt pletykálták, hogy Balogh Zsolt tartott Hagyó Miklóstól" - fogalmazott tanúként a BKV jelenlegi vezérigazgató-helyettese Takács Péter, utalva a közlekedési cég volt vezetője és a korábbi MSZP-s főpolgármester-helyettes kapcsolatára.
Meghallgatásával az ügyészség azt próbálta bizonyítani, hogy Hagyó nyomást gyakorolhatott a BKV vezetőire, és hogy a kommunikációs szerződések körül "kupleráj" volt a BKV-nál. Takács amúgy lényegében minden korábbi, terhelő állítását puhította, okirati bizonyítékot megnevezni nem tudott, a gyanús szerződéseket állítása szerint ugyanis kidobta a szemetesbe.

(Fotó forrása: www.mercus.hu)

A tanúmeghallgatás előtt Homonnai János ügyész Csapó Gábor olimpiai bajnok vízilabdázó korábbi meghallgatására visszautalva észrevételezte, hogy "személyes tapasztalatai" és az állampolgári jogok biztosa szerint a BKV nem tett eleget a fogyatékosokkal szembeni elvárásoknak. Ezzel a hozzászólással feltehetőleg azt a kínos helyzetet próbálta menteni, amibe a BKV-t népszerűsítő vízilabdázó meghallgatásán került. Az ügyész ugyanis korábban - a vádirattal egybecsengően - szükségtelennek nevezte a Csapó Bt. szerződését, amelynek bevételéből a sportoló fogyatékos gyermekek ingyenes sportképzését finanszírozta. 

Korábban az ügyész a tanúként meghallgatott olimpiai bajnoktól azt is megtudakolta, hogy milyen alapon használhatja az iskolájának otthont adó uszoda termeit. Csapó akkor általános derültséget okozva elmondta az ügyésznek, hogy elég sokan ismerik őt.

Takács Péter meghallgatása egyébként nehezen kezdődött, ugyanis az ügyészségnek ismételten változtatnia kellett a folyamatosan átírt vádiraton. Ezúttal néhány szerződés összegével összefüggésben írták át az ügyészek a vádat. 

Ügyvédi kérdésre válaszolva Homonnainak arra is felelnie kellett, hová lettek H. Éva össze-vissza dátumozott kihallgatási jegyzőkönyvei. A korábbi, Hagyóval kapcsolatban az ügyészség által elkövetett okirat-hamisításra hasonlító üggyel kapcsolatban a vádhatóság most "nem szándékos elírásokra" és "dokumentumok összefogására, elkeveredésére" hivatkozott. H. Évát nem elégítette ki a válasz, és Hagyó védőjéhez hasonlóan jelezte, a dátumok még mindig nem stimmelnek az iratokon.
NÉPSZAVA-információ /

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Orban's court is running, Tasz: Appoint court is dangerous!

Tünde Handó for the trial of the Hagyó-case appointed that court, which is sentenced Zuschalg for eight and half years imprisonment.

The Hungarian Helsinki Committee and the Hungarian Civil Liberties Union (TASZ) keep very solicitous and incompatible with the requirement of the decent proceeding that regulation, what makes possible that the president of the National Judical Office appoint a different court from the venue for the proceeding's conduct, and attract the president to not give place for such appointments henceforward.- announced the TASZ.

(Photo source: fn.hir24.hu)

The president of the National Judical Office (OBH) used her right what recorded in the basic law's temporary commision, and for nine judical proceeding she appointed countryside courts. The reason of the appointment was the over load of the Court of Budapest. 

The Court of Budapest would send the Hagyó-case to another court

The Court of Budapest ask for to the transference of the Miklós Hagyó and his partner's case, and an other seeded case.

On Tuesday, the president of the Court of Budapest proposed at the president of the National Judicial Office(OBH) to transfer two high priority case- informed the Court of Budapest. That Tünde Handó is the president of the OBH, who is József Szájer fidesz-party politician's wife, the family friend of Viktor Orbán head of government, and whose nomination was attecked many times. 

(Photo source: nol.hu)

The announcement not tells, but according to the communicated details from one of these cases, one proceeding is Miklós Hagy formes socialistoc deputy lord mayor and his partner's case. How they wrote in their announcement, the president asked that, to appoint another court what has similar competence with the Court of Budapest, for Norbert W and his 27 others commited with especially significant financial detriment caused authorial or coherence with infrigement of literary property felony and other felonies, or rather Miklós H and his 14 others commited in a criminal organization, misappropriation which caused an especially huge financial detriment and becaouse of other felonies trial.

The Constitutional Court is hears the president of the National Judicial Office behind closed doors

According to the Institution of Eötvös Károly, the Hungarian Helsinki Comittee and the Hungarian Civil Liberties Union it is injuring the power of the state's decision-making public, the right of the access of the public utility informations and the principle of the fair proceeding, that the Constitutional Court is hearing the president of the National Judical Office behind closed doors.

(Photo source: mno.hu)

According to the announcement of the president of the Constitutional Court (AB) is gonig to hearing Tünde Handó the president of the National Judical Office (OBH) with the public lock-out, in coherence of the Hagyó-case complaint of the constitutinal right's consideration. The basic of the proceeding is that the president of the OBH transposed the case from Kecskemét to Budapest. The petitoners of the complaint of the constitutional right together with other things traversed that about the case-transference only the prosecution service evolved his opinions, the accuseds and their defenders not. 

That is how they triald the accuseds of the BKV-case

The criminal suit, what noted as the airport graft continued in the court with the prime suspect's hearing. According to György Sz. mind the police during the investigation expected statments from him against Gábor Demszki former lord mayor's deputy, Miklós Hagyó and István Kocsis former BKV-leader not much before the elections of 2010

According to György Sz. mind the investigation was conceptional. György Sz. used to be the legal executives of the Budapest Airport (BA) in 2008 and 2009, after he commited corrupt practices many times as the legal manager of the BKV Inc. Sz. according to the prosecutor's mind contributed in the over-billed order-contacts which were injured the two big firm's economical interests, and in exchange for this, he received severeal ten million forint slush-fund.

According to one of the counts György Sz, one of the legal executives of the BA INC. and the direct superior, the secondary co-defendant, Krisztina V. R. legal director at the end of 2008- at the beging of 2008 decided, that she ask for illegitimate profit for the owing total what comes from the legal exercises doing's order contracts which are based in the solicitor's office, mostly the order fee's 5-10 percent. 

Tomorrow Handó can explain herself

Tomorrow the Constitutional Court is going to hear Tünde Handó, the president of the National Judical Office with the coherence of Hagyó and his partner´s complaint of the constitutional right. The main point of the complaint is that the BKV-case were transposed to the Court of Kecskemét so what has proved it´s political prejudice at the Zuschlag-case, that there was no remedy chance against the verdict

According to András Kádár lawyer´s relation, the hearing from incomrehensible causes is gonig to happen with the lock-out of the public and the concerneds.

In the Hungarian claim history up to this point apropos of this unprecedented occasion, we had traversed the main points of the case, and Tünde Handó´s previous statements about the practice of the suit transfers.

(Photo source: nepszava.hu)

Tünde Handó, wife of József Szájer Fidesz-party EP-representator was lifted to the president chair of the OBH by the parliament in 13 of december in 2012, and she is practicing her power from 1 of january, 2012. That day the new constitution came into effect, what is together with the fundamental law's provisions makes enable Tünde Handó to decide about the questions of the court appointment.