2013. június 27., csütörtök

The MSZP Local Governments, host children from Transylvania

So far, more than 200 children received accommodations in Hungary. Local socialist governments shall give accommodation to flood stricken families’ children in the near future. The Party has offered a $ 1 million donation to the Hungarian Red Cross to aid the flood-stricken inhabitants of the municipalities.

Miklós Hagyó announced that the children from Székelyudvarhely, Galambfalva, Farkaslak, Siménfalva, Korond, Bikafalva, and Bögöz, will be coming to Hungary.

Party executive Istvan Hiller, related that if the rainfall in Transylvania continued, the Socialist Government would call upon the assistance of the Hungarian Red Cross and ask them to promote the popularity of their bank account for donation purposes.


Left-wing appeal led to the collection of two loads of relief supplies collected the MSZP charitable aid section and a load departed from Nyárlőrincről on Friday to flood-stricken Romanian towns.

2013. június 21., péntek

"EL Miklós Hagyó: I am very tired and I am very happy"

After a long walk of Thirty-five days, thought the path of El Camino, Mr.Hagyó Budapest Deputy Mayor is back home.

Answering the question: would he redo his trip he said that he couldn’t answer at the moment, he would needa good night’s sleep before he could answer.

Mr.Hagyó declared:” Budapest, will be a good host."

The direction of Budapest city hall, - during a ceremonial lunch - welcomed the signatories of the document relating to the organization for the 2010 European swimming championships.

On Sunday, in the framework of a ceremony, the European Swimming Federation, the Hungarian Swimming Association and the Hungarian Government, implemented a signed agreement concerning the organization of the 2010 year’s Diver, Artistic swimmer and open water Swimming Championships . 

"Mr.Miklós Hagyó greatly helped over the past two years."

The home artistic swimmers postponed the proposed extraordinary meeting aimed at nominating a new President within a week. On Thursday, Mr.Laszló Szimandl, the Hungarian synchronized swimming Association (MSZSZ) Secretary General told MTI, that the reason why he was setting the summit forum on February 20, was because by then, it might be possible to sort out the differences between them and get to solve the current upheaval, which meant the resignation of President Mr.Hagyó, a Members of the Presidency. The suggested successor was to be Imre Pesti , a Fidesz politician.

(Photo Source: index.hu)

In the wake of the BKV (Budapest Transportation commission) scandals, the deputy-Mayor was forced to leave office in January, then, in December, the Socialist politician renounced his social functions, leaving the post vacant. The Association continued its operations without a President, but could not really function well after that.

Deputy Mayor-President of the synchronized swimming-sub-association

After the resignation of Mr.Csaba Haranghy, an extraordinary general meeting was held for a new President to be elected by the Hungarian synchronized swimming sub associations. Dr. Deputy Mayor Hagyó, a MOB member, was elected President.

The Presidency was also renewed, Gábor Csapó an Olympic champion, a water polo player and Olympic athlete Tamas Dala, a member of the water polo Olympic team, became members of the Executive Committee of the association. 

Miklós Hagyó’s boycott

Miklós Hagyó, Budapest’s Deputy Mayor is also active as supervisor in the field of sports. He is also a member of the Hungarian Olympic Committee and as Chairman of the Hungarian synchronized swimming team. He has declared that the events in Tibet, under the Chinese leadership have suffered a great deal on the human rights scale.

This offensive behavior is vehemently rejected as unacceptable. This Socialist politician calls upon all politicians, regardless of party affiliation, to join in the initiative to protest and denounce this offensive breach to human rights.