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"There was no precedent for a black ops campaign against somebody - 2010 february"

"There was no precedent for a black ops campaign against somebody - 2010 february"

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Here you can find another video about Miklós Hagyó. It's about the time when he was charged and because of the selections he had to resign from his district and from his Budapest mandate in the interest of the campaign.



Here we have included academic recognition which the case has received.

Kecskemét Tribunal

Here we have included academic recognition which the case has received.

The Indictment

Here you can view the original indictment related to the trial of Miklós Hagyó and the other associates of the Budapest Transit Company (BKV). Since the debut of the trial, the prosecution has altered the charges and other information which make up the indictment. Unfortunately, this most up-to-date version is still not available. Nevertheless, the original charges and the prosecution’s general theory can be viewed.

Period of Investigation

Here you can find information related to the unofficial accusations against Miklós Hagyó in the trial of the 15 associates of the Budapest Transit Company (BKV).

Most of the charges against Hagyó in the BKV trial originated from public statements made by Zsolt Balogh, who served as an interim CEO of the public transportation company.

State Audit Office of Hungary

Here you can find documents directly and indirectly related to the audit of Hagyó Miklós' deputy mayoral office and administration. The audit was conducted by the SAOH while Hagyó was in pretrial detention.

Legal Summary of criminal procedure initiated upon the denunciation of the State Audit Office against Miklós Hagyó.

The Unacceptability of Miklós Hagyó's Pretrial Detention

This is a very informative piece detailing the battle between Hagyó, usually acting through his lawyer,and the Hungarian judicial system. 

This document, like many others, has been translated in an effort to communicate Hagyó’s story to the world outside of Hungary. If issues of comprehension arise while reading this, please contact us at info@hagyomiklos.com

Miklós Hagyó's detention issue is quite simple. After reviewing the available documents here, anyone can decide - at least imposed on itself - whether the prior arrest of Miklós Hagyó is consistent with the Hungarian laws or even with basic common sense of ordinary logic.

The Official Acquittal: The Summary of the Legal Proceeding against Miklós Hagyó and Others in Relation to the Alleged Forgery of Private Documents

Re’sume’ of the legal proceeding against Miklós Hagyó and others because of forgery of Private Document 

2012th on January 16 Miklós Hagyó, his common law wife and his lawyer, Dr. Viktor Géza Szűcs were cleared of a charge of forgery-private documents by the court of first instance. On the ground of the published media reports probably was difficult to follow exactly what the case is about, therefore we tried to easily summarize with the facts of the accusation and clearing, we analyzed the law background of the case, and finally we discussed the solicitous in connection with prosecutor's procedure.

What exactly happened?

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A new memorial stone was unveiled in the public cemeteryfor the 1848/49 gypsy heroes

On March 14 at 2:00 o’clock pm., in the Budapest New Public Cemetery at the „freedom fighters of 1848/49 plot, a memorial stone was solemnly inaugurated for the Rom (gypsy)national defense soldiers, the national guards and heroes who died a heroic death in 1848/49.

In Hungary, up to now no memorial stone had ever been inaugurated for the Rom (gypsy) freedom fighters of the said revolution.