2015. szeptember 15., kedd

The prosecutor getting Hagyó into custody is also one of Tarlós’s chief advisors

The former prosecutor who succeeded to have the former Deputy Lord Mayor of MSZP in custody appears on the list of Tarlós’s advisors by the name of her husband’s with a monthly salary of 850 thousand forints. Former counter intelligence agents and police officers involved in the BKV-case are employed by the capital city, as well.

One of the Lord Mayor’s most well-paid chief advisors is Péter Ottóné Szabadvári dr. The lawyer currently using his husband’s name at the City Hall worked as prosecutor by the name of Katalin Vámos: she was involved not only in the Hagyó-case but also in proceedings against more executives in Budapest. Her name also appears in cases of breach of state-secrets and in the cases in connection with the UD Ltd. She is not the only one who took a role in these cases and became employed by the capital after Tarlós had been elected.

The former prosecutor can be hardly recognized

On the salary list published by the Origo a couple of weeks ago the most well-paid advisor in the 14-member advisory team appears by the name of her husband, Péter Ottóné Szabadvári dr. The chief advisor working as special referee for a monthly salary of 850 thousand forints was identified by the Origo as the former prosecutor who had played an important role in the Hagyó-case.

The Prosecutor’s Office also has disbelief in the story of the Nokia-box.

At the trial of the BKV-case on Tuesday, the prosecution also arrived at the conclusion that the main count against Miklós Hagyó – the receipt of the bribes hidden in the Nokia-box - could not be substantiated any more after the only incriminatory testimony had been unsaid before the court. Interestingly, the prosecution initiated the related investigation only after bringing charges against the former Deputy Lord Mayor of MSZP.

The most serious count of the indictment against Miklós Hagyó, former Deputy Lord Mayor of MSZP, seems to be refuted in the lawsuit heard at the Court of Kecskemét.

The count against Hagyó was based on Zsolt Balogh’s, former Chief Executive Officer of the BKV’s, contradictory statements made earlier during the investigatory phase. 

The statements made on the bribes delivered in the Nokia-box and becoming well-known in 2010 were unsaid by Balogh during an earlier phase of the lawsuit in 2012. This year he asked Hagyó for his apologize at the trial, furthermore he claimed: he had never delivered money to Hagyó, either in a Nokia-box or any other way. On Tuesday at the trial the prosecution admitted that the statements on the Nokia-box could not be proved.