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BKV case: the prosecution quipped to the Népszava

BKV case: the prosecution quipped to the Népszava
The prosecution disapproved the latest report of the Népszava on the Thursday’s hearing of the Hagyó case on the Kecskemét Tribune. We wrote that on the hearing of the former BKV leader who gave opinions about the contracts what were signed at the time of the main defendant of the case, Hagyó Miklós (former deputy lord mayor), it turned out that the witness of the prosecution agreed her testimony with the present leader of communication at the BKV.

We also reported that the prosecution made the witness to give back the glucose (candy) what she got from Hagyó Miklós, because according to the prosecution it can be suitable to have the “sympathy pique” of the witness.

According to the prosecution the published article which came out during the break of the hearing could influence the witness with the comments of our article what they criticized and the similar phenomenon’s can effect in the future that the witnesses will pick their words. However the defendants – from them occasionally Hagyó – continually communicate, they socialize/touch with the reporters who are in the hearing, the prosecution thinks that behind the writing which can influence the witnesses is „Hagyó’s impact”.
Kádár András, the lawyer of Hagyó Miklós on the hearing indicated that he feels a twin standard in the observation of the prosecution. „They labeled my protégée as the number one public enemy, they outraged him in the nation media, but in that time they didn’t take the stand” – drafted the lawyer.

Kádár also remembered, that the character of the Népszava report, whom the prosecution disapproved of, the BKV leader who was heard as a witness wanted to be in the media herself, because she signaled in the crossfire of the cameras and of the photographers that they can make pictures and sound recording of her and she allows the usage of the records. 

The BKV case after the interact, continued with the hearing of the witnesses about what henceforward we will report – without bias, according to the letters of the records what is available on the internet (www.hagyomiklos.com). 

On Thursday’s hearing on the court they heard 3 leaders of companies what were signed for BKV’s PR communication tasks. According to the indictment the contracts were unneeded and unsubstantiated. After the Népszava, the prosecution had to hang up in their witnesses too, because according to them the BKV was unable to do it by itself, as the indictment said.

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