2013. március 28., csütörtök

Former CEO of BKV Is In The Hot Seat

On March 5th, the Kecskemét Tribunal in Hungary saw the continuation of the trial of the Miklós Hagyó and 14 other defendants associated with the Budapest Transit Company (BKV).

The hearing was fairly mundane – not much fresh information was presented.

The most interesting occurrence, though, involved Mr. István Kocsis. He was promoted to CEO of the transit company immediately following Zsolt Balogh’s time in the high seat. Kocsis therefore was responsible for transferring the demanded BKV-related data to the investigation authorities. Included in the submitted material was an internal audit of BKV’s operations. According to Erzsébet Székelyné, the current director of communications at BKV, the audit ordered by Kocsis was hastily created. She stated in court during the March 5th hearing that because of the imposed sense of urgency around the audits, they were not “substantial.”

Székelyné, who accused many defendants of criminal activity during the investigation, stated that she now fully supports the innocence of the other defendants. She also claimed that many of the BKV’s marketing strategies which have come under scrutiny during the trial continue to be practiced today.

Kocsis’ character is obviously questionable, implied the defendants. The former CEO of BKV is currently involved in a completely unrelated trial. He and five associates are accused of misappropriation of funds. This charge stems from his time as the CEO of Hungarian Electricity Ltd. (MVM).

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