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BKV ‘Phantom’ Finally Speaks

BKV ‘Phantom’ Finally Speaks

Zoltán Somogyi, a former co-owner of the GPS Captial, a communication company, felt that his name was unduly mentioned by the eighth defendant Miklós Regőczi.  This occurred during Regőczi’s in court testimonies on November 6th and November 8th of 2012. 
According to the November testimonies, Regőczi said he was obliged to sign a contract with GPS Capital under the order from Atilla Antal.  Regőczi, the former deputy CEO of BKV, allegedly made these claims under possible physical duress from the interrogators and self-proclaimed impulse.
According to Somogyi, he and Regőczi were coming to a 1 million forint per month agreement which would have employed GPS Capital to construct “useful” relationships for the Budapest Public Transport Company.  There was a twist though.  An MSZP representative, Ildikó Lendvai, approached Regőczi about employing a friend within BKV.  It seems, though, that the “friend” was not suitable for the nondescript BKV position.  Instead, Regőczi queried Somogyi about the possibility of employing the “friend.”  Somogyi agreed, but upon the stipulation that the previously created contract between GPS Capital and BKV would increase to 1.8 million forint per month.  The difference, they claim, covered the salary of the “friend.”
Even though Somogyi was involved the investigation process when he was question by the police, he was never placed into the suspect nor the witness categories.  He is not the only person to which this has occurred.  One of the main complaints from the defendants, particularly Miklós Hagyó, is that the so-called middleman in the Balogh/Hagyó bribery scenario was never interrogated. 
On the same days as the November testimonies from Regőczi, Zoltán Somogyi posted his claims upon his Facebook page.  According to him, he never worked with Regőczi or any other SZDSZ politicians.  But GPS Capital did, Somogyi claimed, sign a contract with BKV in 2007 which employed GPS to document received tenders for BKV. 
Somogyi went on to proclaim that even though he never led the company he knows that GPS fulfilled the BKV contract to the best of the companies’ ability, and GPS never, contrary to Regőczi’s testimony, employed anybody for “political benefit.”  Somogyi specifically wrote that, “Whoever knows me knows that it doesn’t pay to turn to me with questions like this.”  He also verified in his written declaration that neither he nor his company were investigated by the police or the prosecutors.
Somogyi ended his statement that he, “[He thinks] it is rubbish and unmanly to mire people, just as much as when they are trying to do it to me.”

Source: http://thehagyocase.wordpress.com/ 

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