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October 25th Hearing: The Charges Against Hagyó Remain

October 25th Hearing: The Charges Against Hagyó Remain

During the October 25th, 2012 hearing of the Budapest Public Transport Company (BKV) trial the lawyer of primary defendant Mr. Miklós Hagyó unsuccessfully proposed the removal of the accusations from the the formal indictment against Hagyó.
The lawyer, Mr. András Kádár, did so on the basis that these accusations were made by Mr. Zsolt Balogh, another defendant in the BKV case, who has already stated in formal testimony that his verbal incrimination was falsely given under controversial circumstances during his pretrial interrogation.
Balogh, who served as the interim chief executive of BKV in 2008, publicly stated in 2010 during a March 6th interview with Magyar Nemzet and a March 8th interview with HírTV that he was coerced into passing 70 million forints of BKV funds (just over $324,000.00 at time of writing) to Hagyó.  Of the that amount, 15 million were hidden inside a Nokia mobile telephone box which, according to Balogh, was personally exchanged between the two men on one occasion.
According to the formal indictment, Hagyó used the 70 million forints for personal and political gains.
Meanwhile, Balogh faces charges of involvement in a criminal organization in relation to his  alleged involvement of the misappropriation of the public funds.

Source: http://thehagyocase.wordpress.com/2012/12/17/october-25th-hearing-the-charges-against-hagyo-remain/

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