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The Truth Will ‘Unravel’

The Truth Will ‘Unravel’


Gábor Demszky, who was the mayor of Budapest from 1990 until 2010, stated a few months ago that he believes the trial of the Budapest Transport Company (BKV) associates has been motivated by politics.  The former SZDSZ politician, under whom Miklós Hagyó served as a deputy mayor of Budapest from 2006 to 2010, that the entire case was a “composed, planned sequence which was made for a political purpose, and they have achieved that purpose.  I think it is unforgivable that they mired a lot of people and they accused and denigrated them.
This statement occurred during a speech he made to the Liberal Association of Budapest. 
Demszky went on to support his former co-worker, Miklós Hagyó, by saying that he and Hagyó didn’t always see eye to eye, but that he didn’t think Hagyó committed crimes during his oversight of BKV.
Demszky also said that he believes that, like in many other Hungarian show trials, the truth will eventually unravel and the defendants will be acquitted of all charges.
Many of the defendants in the BKV trial have claimed that the interrogators sought from them verbal incriminations of Miklós Hagyó and Gábor Demszky.

Source: http://thehagyocase.wordpress.com/ 

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