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The Mayor’s Man is Connected to the BKV Case?

The Mayor’s Man is Connected to the BKV Case?

Many of the 15 defendants in the trial of the Budapest Transport Company (BKV) have claimed accused the interrogators of perhaps illegal interrogation tactics.  The promise of harsh pretrial jail time if the suspects did not provide the verbal evidence which the police sought has been one of the most common assertions from the group. 
Alongside these claims, many of the defendants have also declared that the prosecution first chose their culprits for the possibly unsubstantiated charges.  Then they attempted to produce the evidence.  In Hungarian a trial like this is a “koncepciós perek,” or a show trial. 
Well, it seems that two more dots have connected which might support the “koncepciós” theory. 
This connection lies in the relationship between György Pető and István Tarlós.  The latter is the current mayor of Budapest.  Pető was a former employee of the Budapest Police Department and allegedly involved with BKV’s investigation committee.  He was also one of deputy mayors of Budapest, alongside Tarlós, until 2007 when Miklós Hagyó’s city hall office manager defeated Pető for the MSZP representative slot of Óbuda.  Disgruntled over this, Pető left MSZP to become an independent.
Shortly after Pető went on to join the Budapest Police Department while Tarlós became the mayor of Budapest.  

Source: http://thehagyocase.wordpress.com/ 

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