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So Where is Hungary, Again?

So Where is Hungary, Again?

So Where is Hungary, Again?
I have decided to create a short summary about the trial of the 15 associates of the Budapest Transit Company (BKV), which has ultimately become known as the Hagyó Case. This is for a few different reasons, but primarily because I think it would be good for the blog.
I’ll need to use a few different posts for this though. I know, it’s not actually such a short summary. It’s basically a general explanation without all the details. Don’t worry about that, though. Details will come later.
For starters, however, the case is set in the heart of the Central European state of Hungary. If you don’t know where Hungary is on the map, don’t worry. You are not alone. So, I’ll help you out a bit.
Cheers to Ken Wilson’s Blog at kenwilsonelt.wordpress.com for the image.
I’m not sure if Mr. Wilson did the wonderful graphic work in marking the Hungarian capital city, Budapest. Nevertheless, there it is.

Source: http://thehagyocase.wordpress.com

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