2013. február 28., csütörtök

Tuck and Roll, Miklós!

Tuck and Roll, Miklós!

Tuck and Roll, Miklós!
Miklós Hagyó is ducking and dodging what appears to be an all-out militaristic assault. The title of the image is “Budapest Ostroma” which is translated into “The Siege of Budapest.” The grey figure waving I have no idea what type of flag says, “Look out! They are not just shooting at Hagyó!”
This of course is in reference to the Fidesz (Fee-dess) party, which has a majority rule over the Hungarian government. As I have written before, a popular theory behind the Hagyó case is that the Fidesz used Miklós Hagyó, who was a popular politician of Fidesz’s rival party, as a scapegoat of government corruption to win the previous national elections. That theory has not yet been proven, but Fidesz certainly took control of parliament. Since then, the party wrote and implemented a new constitution which nationally centralized many societal tools: the judicial system, the banking system, and the media. If that wasn’t enough of a power grab, Fidesz’s leader, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, has faced international allegations of putting his friends in very powerful positions within these three sectors, presumably in an effort to ensure his remains the prime minister. Ah, Hungary…

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