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Antal Atilla Renounces Previous Incriminating Testimony Against Miklós

Antal Atilla Renounces Previous Incriminating Testimony Against Miklós

Antal Atilla, another defendant in the BKV case, has withdrawn a previous testimony which had incriminated Miklós Hagyó and Ernő Mesterházy, the main suspects in the high-profile legal battle. This occurred yesterday during the court hearing in Kecskemét.
Antal, who had been the CEO of the Budapest Public Transportation Company (BKV) before Zsolt Balogh replaced him, said that his previous testimony against Hagyó and Mesterházy was fictitiously created according to the approval of his interrogators. According to Antal, he had been “between life and death and police told him that they would only release him if he speaks up.”
Just last week Ernő Mesterházy made similar claims in his written statement to the court of Kecskemét when he said that his interrogators blackmailed him in an attempt to force Mesterházy to incriminate Miklós Hagyó. This, of course, occurred during Mesterházy’s time in pre-trial detention.
At such an early phase in the formal trial, one cannot help but err on the side of skepticism about the accusations of Miklós Hagyó and his associates since the defendants have been, according to their testimonies, subjected to very questionable, if not criminal, interrogations.

Source: http://thehagyocase.wordpress.com/2012/09/26/antal-atilla-renounces-previous-incriminating-testimony-against-miklos/

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