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Ex-firm jurist of The Minister of the Interior, Sándor Pintér's command the Hungarian Development Bank's (HDB) firm controlling organization.

Attorney, Iván Szabó was designated as the leader of - well known - HDB firm controlling actiongroup by bank sources. Szabó is the lawyer of Civil Security Service Inc. (CSS), what was in the property of the Minister, Sándor Pintér until March 2012, and what took over the security service of state-owned HDB and subsidiary companies. Szabó said, only HDB can comment in the case of handover. The bank said, Szabó was "the lawyer of HDB for many tasks" but insists on the secrecy regarding details.

The lawyer became well known, when he had to make a statement on behalf of the CSS after The Board of Customs and Excise kept a house search in the company's headquarters and overheard József Hatala as a witness who was the deputy general manager of CSS and who is now the National Chief Commissioner of Police (HVG, 20 March, 2010.) The customs officers suspect, that Eclipse Company Ltd. - what is renting an office in the CBSZ headquarters - lured the tax after 8,1 billion Forints what came from state purchase. György Eiselt, the then leader of National Transport Authority, who collaborate the application of the Eclipse software and working in more functions beside Pintér, became the Deputy Secretary in the Ministry of Imperior after the new goverment formed.

As a jurist, he edited the French interest Pécsi Vízmű Zrt. municipal occupation, as the delegate of the major, Páva Zsolt (Fidesz) lustrate the firm then became mediator between the opposite parties, while he helped as a lawyer to the new service provider and totally urban property firm, Tettye Source House Company Ltd. From latter one according to the intelligence hourly a hundred Euro struck his hand, but for Pécs allegedly as a volunteer, worked pro bono. Anyway, the good offices are not that far from the jurist: he arranges the legal affairs of Istenadta Tehetség Alapítvány it, wich was found by Dalma Mádl - wife of the president of Hungary between 2000 and 2005 – and beside others guided by László Kiss-Rigó, the diocese bishop of Szeged-Csanád.

However, the main direction is the water public utility privatisation – the jurist himself advertises this on his website as his special knowledge. Szabo worked for the Fidesz-led Nógrád counties, as well as several regional water utility company, such as South Zala Water and Sewerage Company Ltd. owned the Fidesz-led Nagykanizsa. But he worked for from the MSZP-led Dunaújváros local government's commission, as well as the company's website, currently a lawyer takes the MSZP -led Dunaharaszti part owned Ltd.

CSS in the passing receipt, neither does not take a part in the screening – HDB spokesman, János Nyíri laid it down replying in writing to HVG. According to him, Szabó – onto a repeated request put a concrete form – has a contract with the bank, and concerned that he is CSS lawyer, are independent facts from each other.

The relationship between CSS and HDB stands the test of time: during Péter Medgyessy period as a Prime Minister the state bank, got 49 percent property, invested 240 million Forints got into Pintér’s company, who bought out the HDB in 2006, had a good business, he earned 60 million Forints.

No wonder, from the point of view, CSS was patronized by FIDESZ during the opposite government as well: it secured military objections and worked for Hungarian Post Company Ltd. The 5,5 billion turnover in 2009, equity was 1,5 billion Forints the latter prime minister conveyed it in the finish of the election campaign for Prostasia Ltd. Owner Tibor Kántor, who was the Vice President of National Tax and Costums Administration during the formergovernement period.

HDB made better business with Pintér’s firm then Defend Ltd. earlier – its result was minus 600 million Forints. However it is not sure that the newest firm-controlling („commando”) stands the test of law – assuming the bitter end intimidated employees are there who goes to litigation. The humiliating procedure entailing turning off the industrial cameras and mobile phones, disabling computer access concern about 100 employees who fate on compulsory holiday or being curtailed of decision makin power. At the bank only work council works, but its leader quit – by the way several employees accepts it sum being due based on labour law anyway 30-50 severance pay reaching kis perentage and leaves with a common agreement. The replaced firm managers offered the usual passing receipt though, but the successors did not lay claim – they are waiting the results after sparks what ends expectedly about December.

: http://hvg.hu/hvgfriss/2010.31/201031_az_mfbakciok_hattere_vizek_ura

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