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In the today published HetiVálasz/ Weekly Answer we picked to pieces the indictment of the soon starting suit against the Public Transport Company. The result is shocking: The prosecutor hold not more than three crimes against Hagyó Miklós of the fifty crimes.

Since the judgment of first instance court states that Hunvald György ex socialist mayor is guilty with not more than one and a half years imprisonment because he caused harm for Elizabeth town/Erzsébet város with corruption, the voice of the critical of jurisdiction smartened/strenghtened. 

The indictment of Central Investigation Public Prosecutor in the case of Public Transport Company foreshadow a milder judgment then the VII. District Major’s judgment was, because they hardly could support enumerated supposed crimes with evidence or with concordant confessions (exception is only the wasteful severance pay practice of the transport company severance that they showed up). The concerned do not feel the threat, it shows that second accused in the Hagyó’s case, Mesterházy Ernő – instead of withdrawing- in middle of 2011 he started to mart, he became owner of the Michelin-star Budapest Restaurant in the Costes Ltd. next to the festival organizer Gerendai Károly.

Although general part of the indictment writes about Hagyó as maffia chief, the prosecutor holds not more the three crimes against Hagyó of the fifty crimes that the document includes. Firstly he is charged with fraudulent breach of trust committed by misusing funds of the Budapest Transport Company, because he ordered for himself a HUF 50 million service from the AAM Inc. consultancy company (which was used to his Deputy Mayor's work). Secondly The Investigation Authority estimate as fraudulent breach of trust and abuse of power that he claimed certificate of compliance) in the case of building passenger information systems between the Batthyány square stop and the Békásmegyer stop from Balogh Zsolt (the deputy CEO of PTC - although the work was not good enough. Thirdly the charges are bribery or corruption and blackmail against the previous Deputy Major, because he claimed HUF15 million from Balogh in 2008 and in 2009 also ( he threatened him with that he will not get the money, he humiliate him with the above mention irregular certificate of compliance.) And although in the testimonies of the Public Transport Company Demszky Gábor , Puch Laszlo provious MSZP treasurer are mentioned many times and Hatvani Szabó János is mentioned as Hagyó ‘s “Mesterházy Ernő”, and these three concerned are neither accused, but even nor witnesses in the criminal trial - at least in the list of witnesses they are net in there , which is attached indictment.

In which cases of Public Transport Company the accused tried to accuse Demszky, Puch and Hatvani Szabó, and who are those contactors , who will take the responsibility in the Hagyó’s case?

Among other things, this also reveals 5th of April issue of the Heti Válasz, that you can buy in digital form on the Digitalstand.

Source: http://hetivalasz.hu/itthon/sokkolo-vadirat-alig-van-bizonyitek-a-szoci-nagyagyu-ellen-47688

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