2012. október 24., szerda

Kecskemét is nice for Mrs Szájer?

President of the Kecskemét court did not sign that protesting letter, which was sent to our country the public of European Union by all of the leaders of the hungarian jurisdiction.

(Photo source: www.nepszava.hu)

As we reported it, Baka András - who has already lost his job – main judge, President of the five courts of appeal, and with four exceptions President of all of the county court protested to set down "pension obligations" in the constitution in April last year. Bicskei Ferenc (who is President of the court in Kecskemét, his name was written incorrectly in our newspaper yesterday, so we apologize for this now.) did not played a part in that objection which was against this new law rule which sorely harms the independence of the jurisdiction, and tries to displace the democratically appointed judges.

One of our read drew our attention after we wrote that there is no authentic, professional explanation for that why Handó Tünde (Mrs Szájer) placed momentous case in provincial court. She is the president of the Office of the National Court - Szájer József ‘s wife who is member of the European Parliament at Fidesz - She placed Hagyó Miklós criminal case to that court in Kecskemét, where the court of first instance adjudicated against Zuschlag János in 2010, more over it can happen that Fodor Endre can get ex deputy major’s case also.

We also recalled: Handó Tünde ( Mrs Szájer) visited Kecskemét on lawyer’s day the beginning of February with Darák Péter the President of the supreme Court , and on this event the president of Kecskemét court, Bicskei Ferenc said in the transformation of the justice they must also play a part, and - as said - " we do our best to fulfill challenges and tasks to."

Source: http://www.nepszava.hu/articles/article.php?id=523818

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